1. The Causes of Crying: A Simple Guide

    Baby crying


    For new parents, it might be challenging to figure out what their baby wants and needs at any given moment. But every parent will certainly encounter moments when they wonder, “Why is my baby crying?” There can be many reasons and they are very specific, but there are a few general categories that we can group the causes of crying into. (more…)

  2. Relaxing Massage Can Help Babies Stop Crying

    Baby massage


    A baby’s cries can mean all kinds of different things, and to make baby stop crying, it’s helpful to understand why babies cry. Your baby could have unmet physical needs (she may be tired or hungry, for example), she may be sick, she may be in some kind of physical discomfort, or she may have emotional needs. If your child’s physical needs are met and she’s not ill, then many parents have found that massaging their baby helps in many situations. It could help your baby calm down when she is stressed, relax her if she is having a hard time falling asleep, or sometimes even relieve minor aches and pains like digestive discomfort. (more…)

  3. Tips to Help Babies with Separation Anxiety

    Separation anxiety


    There are a number of reasons babies cry. Many of them can be identified using a process of elimination: dirty diapers, hunger, or discomfort at being put into a car seat, for example. Although many of these reasons are physical, sometimes the way to stop baby crying is to address an underlying psychological or emotional issue. (more…)

  4. Stay Calm When Your Newborn Cries

    Newborn baby crying


    Babies cry for a number of reasons. For newborns especially, it can be difficult for a parent to figure out what their child’s crying means. Often, you’ll be able to find some specific reason, like a physical need or irritation. When your baby is crying, try going through all the possible reasons for it one by one and see if you can use the process of elimination to get him or her to stop crying. If you have no success in finding a reason, try simple soothing strategies like holding, rocking, singing, going for a drive, or using white noise to calm your baby down. (more…)

  5. Soothing a Teething Baby

    Soothing crying baby


    When your baby is around six months old, you may notice that your generally happy child becomes fussy and irritable. “My baby won’t stop crying!” you think. “What on earth could be the problem?” After some investigation, you find a couple of bumps along your baby’s gums, usually at the front of the bottom jaw. The explanation is simple enough: your baby has started teething. But soothing crying baby who is teething is a trickier matter. (more…)

  6. Newborns and Stuffy Noses

    Newborn crying baby


    When your infant cries, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out the reason. But one reason your young baby might experience discomfort is because of a stuffy nose. If he or she has a cold, is getting over a cold, or if their cry has a clogged-up or stuffy sound to it, then clearing his or her nose might provide relief, make it easier to breathe, and make baby stop crying. This might be tricky, however, since you have to be very gentle and you can’t tell your infant to “blow” into a Kleenex. Most hospitals give parents a rubber bulb syringe when they send them home, but for new parents, using it can be intimidating. (more…)

  7. When Your Baby Cries On a Plane

    How to stop a crying baby


    There might come a time when you’ll end up taking your baby on a plane. This might be to a family event, a visit to friends, or even a much-needed vacation. Certainly having a baby shouldn’t prevent you from leaving your own city or even your own country, but pretty much all parents agree that it can be very difficult to travel with a baby. This is especially true if the baby starts crying during the flight. (more…)

  8. Quick Tips to Stop a Crying Baby

    How to stop a baby from crying


    Did you know that on average, a newborn baby cries between one and four hours per day? That’s a lot of hours, and they add up! This article offers a few suggestions for how to stop a baby from crying. (more…)

  9. Sleep Setbacks for Older Babies and Toddlers

    Baby won’t sleep


    So you worked hard to establish a sleep routine for your baby and figure out the perfect strategy for getting him or her to sleep through the night—and it finally works! For a while, that is. Many parents find that eventually their toddler or older baby won’t sleep through the night, no matter how good they’ve been recently. (more…)

  10. Tailor Sleeping Strategies to Your Baby’s Temperament

    Get baby to sleep


    Perhaps you are a new parent, and you’ve gotten plenty of advice on how to get your baby to sleep through the night — but it seems like it’s just not working. Or perhaps this is your second, third, or even fourth child, and you find yourself thinking, “This one is so much harder than the others! How do I get my baby to sleep through the night?” (more…)

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