How to Stop a Baby from Crying?

As a parent, you may get very frustrated wondering how to stop baby from crying. Babies may cry for many reasons, and the best way to stop crying baby is to try different solutions until one works or you have figured out the reason.

When you are trying to figure out how to stop a crying baby, start with the most basic needs like hunger, clean diapers, tiredness, and needing to be held. If you think your baby might be hungry but you cannot feed her now, you can stop your crying baby by letting her suck on something until you can feed her. If you are trying to figure out how to stop baby from crying due to being tired, try rocking, singing, rhythmical sounds, or even the “white noise” of a washing machine or fan. If your baby needs to be held so much that your arms get tired, try a sling or carrier that will hold your baby on to your front.

If none of these basic solutions work to stop a crying baby, then it is time to see if something is causing discomfort. If she has just eaten, burping might stop your baby from crying. Check for anything that might be irritating, like a hair wrapped around a toe or finger or a clothing tag. Your baby might also be at the wrong temperature and adding or removing clothing may be how to stop your crying baby. If your child is at the age where she might have teeth coming in, check for that, too.

Entertaining or calming may sometimes be how to stop your baby from crying. She might be crying because she is bored. If you think your baby might be bored, try singing, dancing, or other entertainment for her, or try a change of scenery – sometimes just going outside helps stop a crying baby. If you are in an environment where there are a lot of sights or sounds or people, try putting her in a calmer place, or swaddling, to make her feel more comfortable and secure, and the baby may stop crying.

If none of these solutions seem to stop crying baby, then check for signs of illness and call your pediatrician if your baby seems unwell.

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