Things You Must Know About Shaken Baby Syndrome

The stress of not knowing how to get a baby to stop crying can push the most loving
parent to the breaking point. In this post, we’ll talk about what to do if you reach that
point, some of the ways to soothe a crying baby, and the risks of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

If your baby is crying, you don’t know why, and you feel frustrated, helpless, and angry, then often the best thing to do is to take a break. Put your baby down in her crib or another comfortable, safe place. Go make yourself a cup of tea, call a friend or family
member, or spend a few minutes in another room to help yourself relax.

Above all, it’s very important to remember never to shake a baby, no matter how frustrated or afraid you feel. Shaking a baby can result in Shaken Baby Syndrome, which is brain injury that can cause permanent damage or even death.

Bouncing your infant up and down or any other normal play activities are not enough to cause Shaken Baby Syndrome. But an adult shaking a baby, throwing them, or slamming them into an object can make the baby’s brain hit the inside of his or her skull, tearing the
blood vessels, nerves, or brain tissue. This is simply because babies have big heads that they can’t support very well and their brains are still fragile and developing.

Knowing how to get a baby to stop crying will help you avoid reaching a high level of frustration. Different babies respond to different things, so you will probably need to try a number of different approaches in order to soothe a crying baby.

First, make sure there is nothing physically wrong with the baby, like hunger, irritation or pain, extreme cold or heat, or needing a diaper change. You can then try soothing strategies like holding him or her close to you, rocking, singing, or using white noise
like a fan. Sometimes a baby may just need something to distract them so that they stop crying, so trying to entertain him or her or providing a change of scenery can help.

If you have tried everything you can think of without any luck, then it’s okay to step back for a moment to regroup. Remember that your baby’s crying will not physically hurt her, and sooner or later, she will stop on her own.

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