Does hearing a baby cry make you cringe?  If so, this book will give you some very useful advice on how to make baby stop crying.

 Anette, Morgantown, PA, USA


This eBook is a great help in telling you what to do when babies cry.  The sound of my baby crying would always make me panic!  But I was able to learn many new and useful tips from this guide.

 Julia, Lincoln, NE, USA


Understanding why babies cry is important to interacting with your child.  This guide will help you understand your baby better and offers parents practical advice on how to make baby stop crying.

Michelle, Nimes, France


Even the best parents can get frustrated or upset when they hear their baby crying and can’t figure out why.  This eBook provides a comprehensive overview of all the reasons why babies cry and what mothers and fathers can do to meet their child’s needs.

 Lucy, Leeds, UK


Since it is the only way they know how to talk, babies cry for so many reasons!  This eBook will tell you what to do when you hear your newborn cry and also helps parents to deal with this stressful situation.

 Anastasya, Lipets, Russia


This book has lots of suggestions on what to do when you hear your baby cry.  I would always check to see if my 4-month-old was hungry or had a dirty diaper – but I never thought that the tag on his shirt might be bothering him.  The crying stopped in minutes!

Phil, Dubbo, Australia


Listening to a baby crying for hours on end can push parents to the edge of desperation.  With this eBook, they can get some new ideas to try and make baby stop crying.  But it also offers much-needed reassurance for parents of very fussy children.

 Nancy, New York, NY, USA


If you are desperate to stop baby crying, this book can help.  It tells you all the reasons that babies cry and what to do about them.

 James, Dennisport, MA, USA


Everyone knows that a baby might cry because she’s hungry or wet.  But did you know that a loose thread around her finger could be causing the problem, or that turning on a hairdryer can help if your baby is fussy?  This book is a good checklist of all the things you might think of already when your baby cries, and also has many that aren’t so obvious!

 Barbara, San Diego, CA, USA


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