Baby Cries at Night

Baby cries at night are one of the most frustrating things to deal with as a parent. If you are wondering “why is my baby crying at night?” then consider some of the following ideas.

It’s possible that your baby cries at night because he is hungry. In that case, a feeding might work. Or the reason why your baby cries at night is simply because he woke up and realized he had a dirty diaper. Any of the basic needs, causes for discomfort, or emotional needs could be the answer to your question, why is my baby crying at night.

Possibly, your baby cries at night because he is tired but can’t fall asleep. Babies respond well to being held and rocked, but others do better with a baby swing, or music. In a mother’s womb, your baby was constantly surrounded by a rhythmic heartbeat, so for that reason babies respond well to rhythm or even “white noise”. This could be a fan, hairdryer, or vacuum, or place your child by the washing machine to help him fall back asleep. You can also try a massage if your baby cries at night: no special skills are needed, but any touch that is slow and gentle can help calm your baby at night and stop them from crying.

As a parent, there will probably be at least one time when you wake up wondering “why is my baby crying at night?” and the answer will be that he is developing an illness. Colic, while not a disease, is a condition that newborns often get, and it can be painful to them. If your baby cries at around the same time each night, is bloated in the belly, or pulls his legs up to comfort himself, this might be colic. Other illnesses can also cause baby cries at night. So check for fever, vomiting, and diarrhea to rule out illness as the reason for night time baby cries. If you think that he might be sick, call your pediatrician.

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