Reasons Newborn Baby Is Crying

There are many reasons why a newborn baby cries. Crying is the only language that a baby can use, so newborn baby cries must serve many different purposes. So if you are wondering, “why is my baby crying?” then you can try looking at some of the general reasons for crying.

Basic needs are one of the most obvious reasons why baby cries. Your baby might be hungry, tired, needing a diaper change, or needing to sleep. These are often easy to fix, but if not, see the “How to Stop Baby Crying?” page for more tips on how to resolve difficulties that you may experience. Babies also have an intense need for physical contact with a parent or loving adult, so often, a new born baby cries because he or she needs comfort, love, and reassurance.

If your baby’s basic needs are met, there may be something that is causing pain or discomfort – as a result, the baby cries. A newborn’s digestive system is very sensitive, so it is no surprise that tummy trouble is a main cause of crying. Stomach discomfort could be the result of something simple and temporary, like needing to burp, or like gas. Many newborns under four months often have colic, and this could be the reason why a new born baby cries frequently. Cold sensations, even cool baby wipes or being a little underdressed for the weather, can also cause crying, and sometimes heat may make your baby fussy as well. There can also be irritations that are hard to spot: an itchy clothing tag, a hair wrapped around your child’s toe or finger, or new teeth may all be painful to your newborn. And, of course, an illness could also be a reason why baby cries.

Emotional reasons for your baby’s cries might be more difficult to figure out. Babies can get bored or understimulated if they are doing the same thing for too long or are left alone with nothing to entertain them. From the opposite angle, babies can also be overstimulated and might find too many people, sounds, or sights overwhelming. Tantrums are also a possibility. Whatever the cause, if you are wondering “why is my baby crying?” read on for more tips and advice.

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